Mock Trial is a performance

Mock Trial is a performance - 

Mock Trial is like acting, but, instead of having a script to work from, you begin only with a set of facts and a goal. The rest is up to you. As a witness, you decide your character. Will you be a Midwestern accountant, a student finishing nursing school, or an old man who adores his wife’s cooking? Your character has something to say, but you choose how to say it. Are you angry or forgiving? Are you the comic relief or the tragic end? We push our members to understand their characters, because this sort of acting is competitive. That means the opposing team will challenge your character and ask you questions that you don’t expect. You’ll be scored on your credibility. And like improv, there are no scripts. As an actor, Mock Trial is one of the most unique and challenging ways to utilize your talents and expand your skillset.

If you’re an actor, you should rush Yale Mock Trial.