Mock Trial is…a trial

Mock Trial is…a trial.

Just like you see on TV, we object. Witnesses cry. We’ve argued in front of real judges and are scored by practicing attorneys. The case materials we receive includes the legal documents that a typical case would have: the indictment or complaint, stipulations, case law, rules of evidence and affidavits. We study the rules of evidence and case law closely, so that in trial, we can use them to break up opponents’ cases. We choose witnesses in order to put together a convincing case, and we prepare cross-examinations to undermine opposing witnesses. At the end of the trial, we stand before the jury and plead with them to find in our favor. If you love Suits, Law and Order, Boston Legal, The Good Wife, or any of those types of shows, you’ll love this.

If you’re interested in law, you should rush Yale Mock Trial.